3D Paper Cactus Planter

by Lynn Lilly, May 31 2021

Let’s use our creativity to create a fun and colorful 3D cactus planter. This is what you’ll need to make this craft:

Project Difficulty: Intermediate


  • Construction Paper (green + 3 other colors)
  • Washable Liquid Glue
  • Washable Glue Stick
  • 1 Erasable Colored Pencil
  • Scissors

Additional Supplies:


  1. Cut out your cactus template. 
  2. Fold your green piece of construction paper in half twice hamburger style. 
  3. Trace a cactus using the template and a colored pencil.
  4. Once you’ve drawn your cactus shape, use your scissors to cut it out. If your paper is folded in half twice, you should end up with four cutouts, but you’ll only need 3 of them. You can hang on to the fourth one just in case you mess up and need an extra one. 
  5. Fold your pink construction paper in half twice, hamburger style then use scissors to cut out small triangles along the open edges of the paper.
  6. Once you’ve cut out your triangles, use the glue stick to glue them all over the front and back of each cactus cutout. 
  7. Lay the cactus cutout pieces side by side, then fold each of them in half. 
  8. Next, use a glue stick to glue the folded cutout pieces together and make sure that each side is symmetrical/matching one another.  
  9. Pick out a color of construction paper. Lay the cup on the edge of the construction paper. Make a a mark at the top of the cup. Cut strips of paper about 1/2" wide the length of the cup. 
  10. Then, use the glue stick to attach each strip onto the cup leaving space between each. 
  11. Use a coloring pencil to draw a zigzag line along the edge of a different color of construction paper. do this twice.  Once you are done, use scissors to cut the zigzag strips. Make sure the strip is long enough to fit around the cup. 
  12. Glue the zigzag strips around the top and bottom of your paper cup. 
  13. Flip your cup over and place it on top of the orange construction paper (or the color of your choice).  
  14. Use a colored pencil to trace out the shape of a big circle, then cut it out.
  15. Line the top rim of the cup with liquid glue and place the big circle cut out directly on top. You can hold the circle in place for about 30 seconds or until the glue is dry.  
  16. Last but not least apply liquid glue to the bottom edge of the 3D cactus. Glue it directly to the to top of the cup. Hold in place until the glue is tacky. 

You can write a fund message like, “Can’t touch this” or “Looking sharp!” and add this to your room

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