Hot Cocoa Cup

by Lynn Lilly, Nov 09 2021

Burr it's cold in here.... I think it is time for some hot cocoa! This hot cocoa is just for fun and not for drinking but is the perfect craft to make on a cold winter's day! 

Materials from Your Kit:

  • Black Construction Paper
  • 2 Colors of Construction Paper
  • Metallic Markers

Additional Materials:

  • Pom Poms
  • Scissor
  • Glue Stick
  • Washable Liquid Glue
  • Template (click to open. Save to computer and print)
  • Ruler

Project Video:


To view the video with subtitles click here to watch it on a private unlisted Youtube playlist.  


  1.  If you want to draw your own hot cocoa mug, you can draw one on a black sheet of paper and cut out. I also created a template that can be downloaded from this link and printed. Cut out the template, trace it on black construction paper and cut it out. Use a Metallic Marker to trace it so you can see the lines. 
  2. Next we are going to cut two snowflakes that will be decoration on the mug. Start by measuring a 3"x 3" square and cut it out. 
  3. Follow the photos to fold and cut out the snowflake. You can also refer to the video above for verbal and visual directions. This is much easier to understand how to make if you watch and listen to my instructions. 
  4. Make second snowflake and set both aside. 
  5. Take a metallic marker and outline the mug. 
  6. Use the gold metallic marker to make squiggly lines on the top inside of the mug. This is the cocoa. 
  7. Use the glue stick to glue both snowflakes on one side of the mug. 
  8. Use a metallic marker to write your name or a fun message. I wrote Ben's Cocoa. 
  9. Use the liquid glue to glue the pom poms to the cocoa. 

Tada! This craft was definitely one of my favorites! I hope you liked it too! 

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Happy Crafting! 




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