5 Organization Hacks

by Lynn Lilly, Jan 07 2016

The New Year is here and it is time to get my home organized and ready for a busy 2016. Check out a few of my favorite organization hacks that have been super beneficial for me and are great for a busy family.

1. Store plastic grocery bags in an empty tissue box. 

2. Turn a file tray into a mail tray. Our mail, bills and magazines seam to always pile up on the kitchen counter. This simple has hack has added so much order to our counter tops. 


3. Snack Crate: I love having snacks and treats readily available for guests or friends when they stop by. I got this crate as the vessel for a gift basket last year and it has been sitting in my craft room. I painted it white and picked up wooden blocks from the craft store to give it feet. I added a little trim and created a chalk board sign and filled it with my favorite snacks. 


4. To Do Cork Boards: Turning 12x12 inch cork boards into to do board is so helpful. I added a pocket and notebad. These are great to hang inside a pantry and I can write down my honey do's for my husband.


5. Framed Dry Erase Chore Board for Kids: I don't have kids yet but I love this idea to motivate them to do their chores. I put a colorful piece of scrapbook paper in a frame and wrote the chore list on the glass with a dry erase marker. 


Good Luck Getting Organized! 

xoxo- LL

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