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by Lynn Lilly, Dec 30 2015

I am excited to continue working with Weight Watchers as an ambassador to start living a healthier, happier life with their Beyond the Scale program. A few days ago I shared my initial experience and how the Beyond the Scale approach was making my everday life happier and healthier. Today I am sharing how I got my friends involved and introduced them to my lifestyle change.  If you are not familiar with The Beyond the Scale program, it is a holistic approach to healthier eating, fitness and emotional wellbeing. This new approach is perfect for people like me, who have a crazy busy schedule. Between traveling, creating content to share with you, television segments and running general business activities for Craft Box Girls I often loose time for myself.  This program is designed for all fitness levels, is easy to personalize and encourages you to celebrate even the smallest wins. After a of few days of participating in the program and using the new FitBreak app I am already feeling refreshed and much healthier.  Healthy lifestyle changes are always more fun with friends. Grab your best friends and host a Morning Glow Party. Invite your friends over for a healthy brunch, a creative activity and a fitness inspired activity to get everyone moving! I am happy to share with you my recipe the perfect Morning Glow Party. 

I asked my besties to join me for a a healthy brunch, craft and interactive fitness activity that was built for all fitness levels. I asked them to come dressed in comfortable clothes and workout shoes as well as bring white dish towels or linen napkins that they want to spruce up. Here are the details......

The morning started with a healthy brunch bar featuring SmartPoints French Toast with fresh berries, a DIY loose leaf tea station and fresh fruit. I love Weight Watchers suggested SmartPoints recipes. Not only are they super easy to make but they are packed with flavor. 

Remember I asked my guests to bring plain white dish towels or linen napkins? I set out a crafting station so they can give their plain white linens a make over for the new year. Guests selected their favorite fabric paint colors, stamps and trim. This was a great activity for everyone of all crafting levels to channel their inner creative genius. 


We rounded out our Morning Glow Party with a group fitness activity. I told my guests to wear comfortable shoes and bring anything with them that they normally use for working out. For this part of the party I took influence from Fitbreak, Weight Watchers new fitness app that encourages you to set fitness goals based on quick one 1 minute fitness work outs. The app is available in the Apple app store for free with a Weight Watchers membership. When the ladies arrive I asked them to think of an easy fitness move that they could do for 1 minute and that was good for all fitness levels. When we reached the "sweat" portion of our party we went around the room and each person demonstrated their activity and led the group in doing that activity for 1 minute. This interactive group fitness experience really brought everyone together, friends that sweat together stay together! 


My Morning Glow Party was a huge success. All of my guests have busy lives from working demanding jobs to being new moms to just dealing with life's curve balls. The Morning Glow Party gave everyone a chance to take a break from life, focus on themselves and their wellbeing. This is truly what Weight Watchers is trying to accomplish with the Living Beyond the Scale approach. The new year is the perfect chance to make a shift in your life and start the journey to being a healthier happier you! 

Find out more about Weight Watchers Living Beyond the Scale approach. 

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Happy New Year! Happy Glowing! 


This post was created as part of a relationship in which I was sponsored by Weight Watchers to share my experiences. Though I was compensated for my time and commitment, all views, positive and negative, are my own. Their new program Beyond the Scale, a holistic approach with more ways than ever for you to personalize your program, define your success and guide you on your road to healthier living. #WWsponsored


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