Dollar Store Placemat Makeovers

by Allison Cawley, Nov 01 2017

I'm all about the creating fun holiday or seasonal decor on the cheap.  Recently I picked up some great Felt Leaf Placemats from the Dollar Tree.  While they were already in a festive orange or red, they didn't really match the color scheme I was going for this holiday season. 

So I grabbed a can of metallic gold spray paint (one of my fav DIY essentials!) and gave the Felt Leaves two coats of spray paint.  Because they were made of felt, they really soaked up the paint.  It took almost 2 cans of paint to get through 12 placemats... and that was only on one side.  

But talk about a makeover!  It was so simple to add a little gold paint to these bright colored placemats to create a more classic look!



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