Scarecrow Burlap Gift Bags

by Maria Provenzano, Sep 05 2017

Who doesn’t love party favors!?

 It is so nice to have a sweet ending to a party, but party favors often seem to be an afterthought nowadays. We often see them at weddings and children’s parties, but not really any other event. This year we wanted to inspire you to add a nice surprise for your guests to take home with them on Thanksgiving. Scarecrow Party Favors are an adorable way to say thank you to your guests for attending your party. You can fill them with sweets, or any small items you wish. 

Scarecrows are so adorable, and such a fun decoration during the fall. These gift bags are made with simple burlap ribbon, raffia ribbon, googly eyes, a felt nose, and puff paint for the mouth. Add a little bit of glue from a glue gun, and you are in business! It is a perfect ending to a fall themed party, Halloween party, and even Thanksgiving.

Set these out at your door for your guests to take with them on their way out. 


Burlap ribbon, 4” wide

Raffia ribbon

Goggly eyes

Felt sheets, whatever colors you like for the nose

Black puff paint

Glue gun



*Cut the ribbon about 14” long

*Fold in half, and glue around the two long sides, leaving the top open

*Place a piece of wax paper, or piece of paper, in the center of the bag so that when you glue on the face it won’t stick together

*Cut out a piece of felt for the nose

*Glue on the eyes and nose, keeping the face towards the lower third of the bag with the glue gun

*Then, draw on the mouth with the black puff paint

*If you want to add hair, like I did to some of them, cut some small pieces of the raffia, and glue them on with a glue fun

*Allow to dry

*Once dry, remove the paper from the center, and fill with candy, or any small favors you like

*Tie the top of the scarecrow with more of the raffia ribbon

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