DIY Herb Garden

by Lynn Lilly, Apr 25 2014
There are several things I learned from writing a cookbook, but the one that has kicked my booty into action is this: Herbs are essential and garnishes can get expensive.

I can't tell you how many trips to the grocery store I made specifically for these two purposes.

With Spring's arrival I decided to grow my own. No more racing to the grocery store for fresh mint to make juleps. Now I'll be able to snip a few sprigs and whip up cocktails in a flash.

Let's chat for a minute about their cute houses, shall we? You have 2 options. You can buy pre-made containers at Home Depot for $9.99 each that look strikingly similar and they already have the chalkboard circle for labeling. Or, you can do what I did and make all three for less than Home Depot's price of one (minus the plants).

My terra cotta pots cost $3 and were found at the Dollar Tree. They had some pretty obnoxious flowers painted on them, and I simply painted over them (took 3 coats) with a paint sample I purchased to test out my kitchen cabinet color.

You can use a stencil and chalkboard paint for the labels, or, once again, you can take the easy way out like I did and attach a sticker. $1.99 from Target. Boom. You're done.

CHALKBOARD TIP: Use an oversized pencil sharpener to sharpen your chalk prior to labeling. You'll be amazed at how much easier and neater it is to write with using a sharpened point.

Happy Herbing!

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