How to Host the Perfect Wine Party

by Lynn Lilly, Feb 25 2014

I have been wanting to host a wine mixer for a very long time. My husband has a small obsession with the movie Step Brothers and the Catalina Wine Mixer scene in the movie. He begged and begged to give our wine party the theme from the movie. So thus began the first annual Catalina Wine Mixer in Atlanta! Our friends loved the party and are already asking us to have another one.

How it Works: Guests were asked to bring a bottle wine. I assigned wine regions by last name to ensure we had a variety of products.
What you need: 
  • Wine glasses. I purchased inexpensive ones as IKEA
  • Wine glass charms or markers for the glasses.  I used Fred and Friends Chit Chats. These were fun ice breakers for guests to start a conversation.
  • Ice buckets for the white wine
  • Wine openers
  • Lite bites: 
    • Mozzarealla skewers
    • Selection of meats and cheeses
    • Cucumber bites
    • Mini pigs in a blanket
    • Brie and peach croissant
    • Homemade raspberry pop tHearts
    • Chocolate dipped wafers and pretzels
    • Cream cheese brownie balls
    • Strawberry, marshmallow and brownie skewers
  • Decor: We utilized food and the wine to be the majority of the decor. I also created a Catalina Wine Mixer banner to complement the theme and used old wine bottles as candle holders. I covered each table with brown craft paper and wrote the names of the foods in Sharpie. I also used my Silhouette to cut out the names of the countries so people could easily figure out where to put their wine bottles. 
  • Take home favor: hand stamped mini cotton bags with chocolates and Advil

Party Favors

Pigs in a Blanket

Dessert Skewers

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