DIY Tile Trivets

by Lynn Lilly, Sep 17 2015

It's Fall Yall! Fall is my favorite time of the year to entertain, cook and just enjoy the beautiful weather with friends and family. Today I am sharing one of the most helpful DIY projects for all my cooking and entertaining needs this Fall. DIY tile trivets can now be extra glamorous with STAINMASTER     Color Grout. I use tile trivets as heat safe protectants on my tables and counter tops. Today we are using STAINMASTER Crystal Glass Grout in gold and galaxy. Making tile trivets is great practice for larger DIY home tile projects. 


12 inch x 12 inch Mosaic Tile Square
STAINMASTER  Glamour Grout or Crystal Glass Grout 
Clear Plastic Wrap
Grout Float
Icing Spatula
White Scrub Pad
Cover a flat dry surface with clear plastic wrap. Use painters tape to secure the plastic wrap to the table.
Lay your tile square flat on the plastic wrap. You can cut your square into various sizes based on your needs. I used one large 12x12 square and cut a second square in half to create two rectangular trivets. 
Prep your grout by mixing the epoxy, grout and glitter flakes. Mix in a circular motion like you were mixing icing. 
Apply a blob of grout to the center of the tile. Using pressure and your grout float spread the grout in a diagonal motion. 
Clean the tile by using a white scrub pad in a circular motion. Buff the tiles with a clean, dry paper towel. 
Once the trivets are dry flip them over and apply the clear rubber bumpers in each corner. 
Enjoy Fall Y'all!!! 
STAINMASTER Crystal Glass Grout is durable and can be used in many different environments. It is ideal for pools, hot tubs, steam areas and other outdoor applications because it is non-shrink and has a high-compression strength. Durable enough to tolerate harsh chemicals, it’s also a good choice for kitchens, bathrooms, floor and wall tiles, and anywhere that glass tile grout will be expected to stand up to heavy-duty cleaners. Its formulation allows for simple water clean-up, and it is much easier to use than traditional epoxy grout. 
xoxo- LL

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