Stamped Cookie Spatula

by Lynn Lilly, Feb 07 2016
Recently, several of my friends have either purchased homes or are like us, and have completed the building process. With that comes housewarming gifts and casual get togethers to see the new places. While some of these events don't require gifts, I'm not one to arrive empty handed and needed a quick go-to gift. Normally, I grab some wine and toss it into some cute packaging but I wanted something a little different. New houses mean new kitchens and new kitchens mean a new excuse to bake.

So I did both. I baked some cookies, attached the ingredients for the recipient to be able to recreate and then I got a little crafty.

With a basic hand stamping set purchased as a deal on Pick Your Plum one day, I stamped the word "Cookies" onto a mini cookie spatula (pretty sure I found them at the dollar store). You then use a Sharpie to trace the inner embossed area to make it little easier to read. Voila. Cookie gift basket.

You can find the hand stamp letters here:

And the instructions for layering cookie in a jar recipes here:

I simply used mini chocolate chips and an extra 1/2 cup of mini M&M's in my cookies, because, well I had them on hand. :)

Happy Baking,

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