3 Important Elements to Hosting the Perfect Baby Shower

by Lynn Lilly, Jan 22 2016

Hosting a shower is one of the most important duties a best friend or sister could have! It is your job to not only make the mom-to-be feel like the most important person in the room but also to entertain the guests. After years of bridal shower experience and a few baby shower under my entertaining tutu I have semi-mastered the art to hosting the perfect shower. Today on Atlanta & Company I am doing a segment on how to host the a great baby shower an showering my friend and on-air personality with some mom-to-be love! Follow my step by step guide to not only impress the mom-to-be but wow your guests and keep your sanity. 

1. Sweets & Treats

Showers do not require a full on catered meal. Your guests will be happy with sweets and treats that are simple. Pick a theme for your shower or the table. For the baby shower below I picked "Ready to Pop" and themed all the foods with thing's that pop. Sweets and treats include: popcorn, milk dud filled confetti poppers, rice krispie treats, bubble gum, pop tarts, blow pops and ring pops. 

2. Entertain Your Guests

I like to always have some type of craft project for guests. I pick a craft that gives the guests a chance to make something for the mom-to-be or the baby. For the baby shower below I set up a onsie decorating station. I didn't re-invent the wheel with this idea but I made it my own by creating a sign and picking out block stamps and fabric paint colors that the mom-to-be liked. If you choose to do a onsie or bibb decorating station I recommend checking out Fabric Creations like of paints, block stamps and tools. This is the absolute softest fabric paint I have found. It also works really well with the stamps and is very contatined and easy to clean up.  Make sure to have room for guests to sit down and deocrote, have decorating surface covered  to protect from paint and have cardboard or foam board to put in between the onsie layers.  

3. Pick Fun Games

A few of my favorite games are the poopy diaper game, the baby product price is right, apple juice bottle jug, bobbing for nipples and guess the celebrity baby parents. Buzz Feed has an great article with over 30 suggested games. 

Bonus Tip: Ask for help! Don't be a afraid to as a few guests to come early and help with set up. Baby showers are a "labor" of love that should be shared! 

Happy "Showering"

xoxo- LL

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