DIY Flower Box

by Laura Moore, Jul 07 2015

I have always loved flowers but I just don’t have a green thumb. However, I was inspired and decided it’s time to learn a new craft! Using spare wood I had lying around from my previous project {DIY Headboard}, my assistant and I took the 1x6 pieces of wood and created a flower box. This super simple yet cute box was made in under an hour! 

To recreate the flower box you’ll need:

  • 1 inch Ply wood cut to size

(2) 4”x36” – long sides

(2) 4”x5” – end pieces

(1) 3”x36” – bottom base

  • (16) 1.5” wood screws
  • (4) washers
  • Power drill
  • Paint or Stain
  • Plastic liner
  • Staple gun
  • Metal brackets
  • Potting soil
  • Small flowers


Step One:

To start simply line up one of the long side pieces to the edge of the bottom base piece and with your screwdriver, secure it with wood screws along bottom. We only used 1 screw per end corner. Your piece should stand like the letter L. Flip to the side so that the long side is lying flat and the bottom base is on its side facing upward. Line up the second long side piece to the edge of the bottom base and secure it with wood screws. Once this is done, your wood should look like a square U shape. You will then take both end pieces and secure them at each corner with wood screws. See photo for reference.

Step Two:

Drill a few small holes all the way through the bottom base so excess water can drain. Then you will need to measure for the plastic liner. The plastic liner is to hold water in as well and you may want to cut a few holes at the bottom of the liner as well. We used an old, clear plastic shower curtain as the liner. Before securing the liner, you will want to paint your flower box. Allow for two coats of paint and please let the flower box dry before continuing. Once the paint has dried, lay your precut liner inside the flower box and with a staple gun, secure the sides of the plastic liner to the insides of the flower box.

Step Three: 

To hang the flower box securely on the hand rail of the porch, we used 1/16” metal brackets from Home Depot. This will be a little bit of trial and error regarding how long you need to cut the brackets based off where you’re hanging it from. I believe ours were cut to be about 7 inches in length. They are easy to cut with bolt cutters and easy to bend to the desired position. Secure the metal brackets to the back of the box with smaller wood screws and washers.

Step Four:

Now you’re ready to get your hands dirty! As you put your small planting flowers into the box, securely surround the flower with potting soil. Liberally add in potting soil as you add each flower into the box. Pack it in there so it’s secure! As far as flowers go, we used Marigolds and Zinnias purchased from Home Depot. Before you hang your flower box, water your flowers and do so as often as recommended. Enjoy and be sure to thank your assistant again!


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