Food Planning for a Flawless Fourth of July

by Allison Cawley Vayda, Jul 03 2015

Party Planning 101: FOOD

Who doesn't love a great reason to party?  And with the holidays rolling in this weekend and everyone celebrating Independence Day, it's hard to resist having everyone together for a fun party. 
Here are three tips to remember when planning food for a flawless Fourth of July Party:
1.  Plan ahead of time!  If you're going for a quick and easy fix like good old burgers and dogs, makes sure you've calculated for everyone.  This is always one of my biggest challenges.  You should round up in estimates because you never want to run out of food... especially if people hang around for a while... a few hours go by and everyone may be hungry again!
2.  Remember any food sensitivities... With so many food allergies, gluten-free, diets and other medical conditions related to food circulating nowadays, make sure you have a variety of foods.  Don't just assume that because you like (or dislike) a specific food, everyone feels the same way.  Having options in a variety of food categories will give your guests more options and also prevent an awkward situation of a guest not being able to eat something. 
3.  Don't forget the Watermelon!  I don't think it's officially a Fourth of July party until you break out the watermelon.  If you run out of space in the fridge to keep it cold and you happen to have a pool, one easy way to keep your watermelon cool is tossing it in the pool for an hour or so.  As long as you're not planning to eat the rind, you should be all set to cut it open and run with it! 
safe travels over this special holiday weekend.... and enjoy the party!
Happy Fourth of July!!!! 

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