Not Your Father's Bourbon

by Chan Vu, Jul 05 2015

My dad has taught me the importance of true craftsmanship. From constructing a DIY bird house to building a DIY sunroom, craftsmanship is the key to any project. This Father's Day, I am treating him to a classic J. R. Revelry Bourbon on the rocks. It's the perfect handcrafted bourbon for a man who knows fine craftsmanship. With two generations of DIY enthusiasts under one roof, I crafted my own modern cocktail to enjoy a beautiful afternoon over good bourbon with my dad. I call this modern cocktail my Summer Bourbon Bliss. It's inspired by my favorite summer flavors - coconut, strawberries and J.R. Revelry Bourbon


Summer Bourbon Bliss
  • 1 shot of J.R. Revelry Bourbon
  • 1 tablespoon strawberry puree
  • 1 splash of coconut water
  • 1 dash of simple syrup
  • Handful of ice cubes
  • Whole strawberry to garnish
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Cheers to amazing fathers!
*This post is only for guests 21+. All alcoholic products should only be consumed by guests 21+ and enjoyed responsibly. Product was provided by J.R. Revelry but all opinions are my own

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