DIY Festive Paper Lanterns

by Chan Vu, Feb 08 2016

Parties are more festive with colorful decors to liven up your celebrations. The most decorative and affordable party decors can be made right at home using simple construction paper! You've seen paper garlands, bunting and other creative paper crafts bring a party to life. Here is one more paper craft you will love and enjoy showing off at every party. These are DIY paper lanterns that can be combined with paper garlands to add a boost of colors and textures to the festivity.

Chevron Paper Lanterns

These paper lanterns are easy and fun to make. I created a standard paper lantern using crafting wood, construction paper and a decorative edge puncher to add creativity and design. I even turned it up a notch with a chevron pattern for a little challenge. Follow my easy instructions below and you can have these festive paper lanterns at your next baby shower, wedding shower or kid's birthday party. 
How to make paper lanterns
2 (3/16 X 3/16 X 24) square edged Balsa craft wood (for standard lantern)
4 square edged Balsa craft wood (for chevron lantern) OPTIONAL
3 (1/16 X 1/2 X 24) flat Balsa craft wood
box cutter
glue gun with hot glue
4 12x12 sheets of construction paper
 Paper edge puncher
1. Cut the 2 square edge Balsa sticks in half (12 inches each) with the box cutter. Put the four sticks aside.
2. Cut the flat Balsa wood in three 8 inches each. Put the 9 flat sticks aside.
3. Cut 1 and 1/2 inches of strips of construction papers.
4. Use the edge puncher to punch a creative edge along one side of the strips. Be sure to line it up to get a continuous flawless design.
5.  Hot glue each ends of the square Balsa to the flat Balsa making a rectangle. Do this with the other set. 
6. Connect the two sets with the flat Balsa until you have a rectangular 3D lantern. For the chevron lantern, connect the extra square edged Balsa in the middle of each side. See photo.
7. When the glue is dry, hot glue the paper strips from one end of the flat Balsa to the other. Trim off the excess paper with the scissors. For a chevron pattern, angle the strip of paper from one end of the Balsa to the middle division. Trim off the excess. Glue the strip in place. Continue the other half  side in the opposite angle when gluing the strip of paper. Keep a continuous pattern from top to bottom. Trim off the top and bottom excess paper. Continue gluing at an angle for the other three sides. 
8. Cut 10 -12 inches of ribbon. Tuck each ends of the ribbon between the paper and the flat Balsa running across the top part of the lantern. Glue the ribbon in place. 
9. Hang the lanterns on a garland along with paper tassels to add colors and textures.
These lanterns offer a fresh look from the typical round lanterns. A little uniqueness to you party decors makes everything extra special. Enjoy your DIY lanterns and the compliments too!
For more DIY projects and recipes, visit Sweets By Chan.

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