Spring Wedding Seating Chart

by Allison Cawley Vayda, Feb 18 2016
With wedding season right around the corner, there are a ton of ways to save money for your spring wedding with fun DIY projects!  One easy and interesting way to incorporate your wedding colors into your Seating Chart is to use matching paint chips inspired by your theme.   
You can pick up paint chips in almost any color from your local hardware store, for FREE, and have fun by mixing and matching a variety of shades.   
Pick up a big dry erase or chalk board for the background, and then just cut out the paint chips into the shape you would like.  You can measure the board's length and width to give you an idea of what size you should cut the shapes into in order to fit the specified number of names.   We made 2x2 squares which allowed us to fit all names.   
Use double sided tape to stick the names card paint chips to the board and you're all set.
 You can fill in any any extra space with cute chalk writing in the center and some extra hearts cut out of the same paint chip colors.   And you can even make your own wedding chalkboard sign using these instructions from Peachfully Chic
So here's to wishing you wonderfully stress-free wedding planning and saving big on your DIY wedding projects like this easy Seating Chart that will match any decor! 
For more DIY and recipes, visit Peachfully Chic.

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