Creative Coffee Table Trays

by Lynn Lilly, Mar 02 2016

Do you have a bunch of old frames laying around or do you want to just spice up your coffee table or bar? Either way this frame turned coffee table tray is a simple and inexpensive do it yourself project you will enjoy for years to come. My favorite part of this project is that you can change out the scrapbook paper to match seasons or holidays! 

If you want to make this project but need most of the supplies? We sell the kit in our SHOP with everything you need to create these creative project. 

Coffee Table Trays


  • Frame
  • Ceramcoat Paint
  • Mod Podge Gloss
  • Foam Brush
  • Kitchen Hardware Handles (I got mine at Lowes for $1.95 each)
  • Cardboard
  • Scrapbook Paper
  • E6000 Glue or Super Glue


  1. Remove the back and glass from the frame. If it has a stand on it, throw it away and trace a new back out of the piece of cardboard. 
  2. Using your Ceramcoat paint and foam brush paint a coat of paint on the front and sides of the frame. Wait about 15 minutes in between applying coats. 
  3. Once your paint has dried apply two coats of Mod Podge Gloss, waiting 5 minutes between gloss. 
  4. Replace glass and add decorative scrapbook paper and secure back. 
  5. Next attach the handles with E6000 glue. Let handles dry for 30 minutes.
  6. Display and add decorative pieces like vases and coffee table books.

Check out all the different designs we used! You can get creative with frame styles and handles! 

Remember if you want to give the gift of making you can purchase this craft box in our shop

xoxo- LL

Bar Tray

Coffee Table Tray

Entertaining Tray

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  • Craft Box Girls on

    Response for MDK:

    Sorry if it is confusing but you put the paper under the glass just like you would with a picture in a frame and then you can change them out for the season or parties! I literally have one of these in every room! If you make it make sure to tag us on social so we can see your beautiful creation!

  • MDK on

    I am trying to figure out why, in the final stages, you put the paper on top of the glass. Is that so you can change it out at will?? I have been planning to make this for a long time (haven’t done it yet) but thought the paper would go inside the glass?? Thanks for your help!

  • Laura on

    OMG! Adorable and genius!

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