CCB Winter Wonderland Draw Along

by Lynn Lilly, Nov 09 2021

I was so excited to add an adult edition to our Camp Craft Box program. Welcome to a very first mini Adult version of Camp Craft Box. 

I love drawing simple floral patterns because they be turned into multiple projects. Display it as artwork or make photo copies to create greeting cards or wrapping paper. Once you get the hang of making these individual flowers you can create all types of floral scapes year round with your Crayola Signature Color & Detail Markers. 

This project is best created by watching the video so I can verbally guide you through the shapes and blending. I have included step by step photos below for you to refer back to but I highly recommend creating along with the video. 


  • Crayola Signature Color & Detail Markers
  • Art Paper or Cardstock

If you want to reproduce your art for bonus crafts, you will need a color copier. 


If you would like to watch the video with subtitles you can do so through this private Youtube Link.

Step by Step Photos

  1. Pick out the colors you want to use. I selected shades of blue, green and gray.            
  2. Create a color guide because the cap colors can look different than the ink. 

The fun part about creating floral drawings is that almost everyone is different. 

If you have a color copier you can copy your artwork and make greeting cards or even wrap a small gift! 

I would love to see your artwork! If you share photos on social please use #campcraftbox and tag @craftboxgirls and @crayola

Thank you for hanging out and drawing with me! 


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