Front Porch Makeover

by Lynn Lilly, May 08 2019

I love designing my front porch for the season but since having a baby and life being crazy with her and work, my porch was neglected. The rocking chairs were peeling, an old pot was lingering and I had three crates that were posing as an unsecured side table. It was bad.

If you missed my patio table flip you missed my first project on my list of project post-baby home revival. Check out the amazing before and after.

I am excited that Wagner Spray Tech jumped on board to help revitalize my spaces. My front porch is small but it is a great place to relax as a family and enjoy the hot Atlanta summer nights. 

For this project, I used the Wagner Flexio 4000. It is a great machine for small and midsize projects and cut the project time in half (compared to brushing ) and coats so evenly. 


  • Wagner Flexio 4000
  • Outdoor Latex Paint & Primer in One (I selected wite for the rocking chairs and bright yellow and salmon)
  • Electric Handheld Sander
  • Tarps
  • Gloves/Mask 

Project Time: 5 Hours

Check out everything that comes with the Flexio 4000


  1. Use an electric sander to sand the surface of the rocking chairs to remove all existing finishes. I hand sanded the tough to reach areas.                                                                                                                                                     
  2. Wipe the chairs with denatured alcohol to remove the excess sand and any leftover flakes of paint.  If you wipe with water you will need to allow the wood to completely dry.
  3. I did not sand the crates because they were stained. I just wiped them down with alcohol to remove the pollen and dirt.
  4. I also used the alcohol on the flower pot.
  5. Cover the entire work area with a tarp(s).
  6. Unbox the Flexio 4000 and read all instructions for assembly before getting started.  
  7. Mix the paint and fill the material container with paint.   
  8. Make sure the material container is tightly screwed into the nozzle and the air hose is properly attached to the turbine.
  9. Once the Flexio 4000 is assembled, practice spraying to get the hang of the flow and motions. A practice sheet is included. I used this for a previous project. Even though I have the hang of how to use the sprayer I always practice on a box or scrap sheet to ensure the paint is flowing and I have the motions correct.                                                                                           
  10. For coating, large surfaces use a high air power and material flow. Your paint selection will determine how many coats you need. I only needed to do one coat on all three projects and then touched a few area I missed.
  11. Make sure you have the air cap ears vertical when you are spraying up and down and horizontal when spraying side to side.                                         
  12. Your paint selection and project surface will determine how many coats you need. I only needed to do one coat on all three projects and then touched a few areas I missed.    
  13. Hold the sprayer about 6-8 inches from the project. In between spraying the chairs, crates, flower pot, and lanterns make sure to thoroughly wash the nozzle(s), filters and air valve.                                                                                                              
  14. Once the project is complete make sure that you follow the instructions to properly clean the nozzle(s), filters and air valve tube.
  15. If you do need to do multiple coats wait about 4 hours in between. You never want to layer wet paint.
  16. Now that my crates were pretty and painted it was time attach them and create a stable side table. I used wood glue and they are pretty sturdy. You can also reinforce them with a staple gun.                                                   

And the big reveal.......

Front Porch Makeover

Porch Makeover

Front Porch MakeoverMy rocking chairs are like new!  My husband came home and thought I had bought new chairs. The pops of color from the table, lanterns, and pot lighten up the dark brick of the porch.  The Wagner Flexio 4000 is making it so easy to revitalize my outdoor spaces! Stay tuned for next's months outdoor garden shelf flip! 

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xoxo- LL 

This is a sponsored post with Wagner SprayTech but all project ideas, images, and opinions are my own! 


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