DIY Holiday Splatter Sign

by Anna Teal, Oct 31 2017

Splattering objects is such a big trend this year and why not carry it into the Holidays when planning your decorations! Most people splatter with acrylic craft paint but you can also achieve the same effect with chalk paint as well!

Splatter Holiday Sign

What you'll need:

  • FolkArt Home Décor Chalk Paint: Parisian Grey, Tuscan Red, and Spanish Moss
  • 1 inch flat brush
  • “Merry” Wooden Phrase (from unfinished wood co.)
  • Wax Paper
  • Small Cups (for mixing water with paint)

Splatter Holiday Sign

STEP 1: Depending on where you get your wood phrase, you may need to sand it down to make it nice and smooth. Since I got my phrase from unfinished wood co., it’s ready to paint with little to no sanding!  

STEP 2: Basecoat the entire wood phrase in Parisian grey. Let dry.

Splatter Holiday Sign 

STEP 3: In one small cup, add a small amount of Spanish Moss and a about half as much water. Mix until the consistency is slightly watered down. Repeat this same step in a separate cup for Tuscan Red.

 Splatter Holiday Sign

STEP 4: Using the flat brush, flick the water/paint mixtures onto the letters by running your finger through the bristles to get a splattered look. Keep splattering until you get the desired effect you’re looking for. Let dry.

TIP: When splattering, it’s best to “flick” away from you and onto the surface so you don’t splatter yourself! This means, run your finger through the bristles toward you so that the paint goes away from you.

 Splatter Holiday Sign

Once you’re done painting your phrase, you can add it to a wreath, add a ribbon to it to hang on your front door or just adorn it with other holiday décor for a table setting or entry way!

 Splatter Holiday Sign

I hope you enjoyed learning how to make this DIY Splatter Sign to grace your home this Holiday Season! Remember, you can always customize this idea to your home décor needs!

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