Mitten Garland

by Lynn Lilly, Nov 09 2021

Today we are going to be making mitten's and turning them into a colorful banner! This is a fun and easy craft the whole family can work on together. If you make this a family or friend craft, everyone can design their own mitten to put on the banner. 


  • Construction Paper
  • Metallic Markers
  • Glitter Glue

Additional Materials:

  • Scissors
  • Yarn or String
  • Hole Punch
  • Template (click to open the template, save to your computer and print)
  • Pencil
  • Glue Stick


Project Video: 


To view the video with subtitles click here to watch it on a private unlisted Youtube playlist. 


  1. Either draw your own mitten or download, print, cut and trace the template I created.  You will need to pick one color of construction paper for the main mitten and then one for the mitten band. The link to the template is in the supply list above. 
  2. Trace and cut out as many mittens as you would like to be on your banner. You will need one band per mitten. 
  3. Use the glue stick to glue each band to a mitten. Have fun mixing and matching colors. 
  4. Use the hole punch to punch two holes in the band of the mitten, one at each end. 
  5. Use the metallic markers and glitter glue to decorate your mittens. Once you are done decorating let them dry. 
  6. Once they are dry string them on yarn and hang up your mitten banner! 

Parents don't forget to share your child's project in the private facebook group and if you share on social use #campcraftbox

Happy Crafting



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