Kids Inspiration Two Minute Tie Dye T-shirt

by Lynn Lilly, May 31 2021

We love tie dye as a family. This past year I have created a Tie Dye Hippie Family Costume, Matching Christmas Tie Dye PJs and the Mommy and Me Tie Dye Patriotic Dresses. It is such a fun and easy craft. My daughter Lily joined me for my latest tie dye project. We created colorful kindness shirts to remind her and the world to be kind and love everyone! As a parent my number one goal is to raise kind humans and these shirts are fun reminder. For today's project we are using the Tulip 2 Minute Tie Dye Kit.



  1. Make sure your surface is covered and you read all the instructions in the kit before starting. 
  2. Before getting started soak your t-shirt and ring it out so it is damp. 
  3. Select the colors of the tie dye that you want to use and fill each bottle with water to the fill line. Shake really well. 
  4. The instructions in the kit offer a few different ways to fold your shirt. We decided to do a spiral pattern. Pinch the shirt in the center and twist it until the whole shirt is spiraled. 
  5. Use 3 rubber bands and criss-cross each. Creating 6 sections. 
  6. Take the dye bottles and carefully apply dye to each section of the shirt until each section is covered. 
  7. Flip the shirt over and apply dye to each section. 
  8. Place the shirt in the plastic container included in your kit. Follow the microwave instructions that were included. 
  9. Parent's if you are doing this with your kiddos beware it is really hot once you remove it so keep the kiddos away.  Let the container cool for at least 15 minutes. 
  10. Follow the washing instructions in the package. 
  11. Once the shirt is washed and dry it's time add a fun and inspirational message. Parents if you kids are too young you can ask them what message they want and you can draw it on with a pencil and then trace it with the Tulip Slick Dimensional Fabric Paints. We chose the message "Be Kind Love Everyone" 
  12. Let the paint dry completely. Once dry it is washable!! 
Inspirational Tie-Dye Shirts
Kids Inspirational Tie Dye T-shirtInspirational Tie Dye T-shirts

I love Lily's shirt so much I made a matching one with the message "Peace, Love, Kindness"

Visit Tulip's website to purchase the Two Minute Tie Dye Kit and get more project inspiration! 

xoxo- LL

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