Pinwheel Bouquet

by Lynn Lilly, May 31 2021

Pinwheels are one of my favorite crafts! Today, we are going to make a fun arrangement to display at home. You can also make these for school projects or decorations for your room.

Project Difficulty: Beginner


  • Bright Pop Cardstock 
  • Washable Markers
  • Crayons
  • Erasable Colored Pencils
  • Washable Liquid Glue
  • Scissors

 Additional Materials:

  • Ruler
  • Paper or Plastic Straws


  1. Select a piece of Bright Pop cardstock. 
  2. Measure and draw a 5" x 5" square with a colored pencil and ruler. 
  3. Use the scissors to cut out the square. Place the square face down. 
  4. Place the ruler diagonally across the square and draw a line. Place the ruler on the opposite corners and draw a line. You will see an "X" drawn through the square. 
  5. Starting at one corner, use the scissor to cut toward the center stopping about a 1/2" before the center. Repeat this same step on the other 3 corner. 
  6. Use your markers, colored pencils and crayons to draw and doodle on the back side of the pinwheel. 
  7. Place a dot of liquid glue in the center.  
  8. Fold one corner of the square to the center. Hold in place until the glue is tacky enough to hold by itself.  
  9. Add another small dot of glue to the center. Skip a corner and glue up the next corner. Do this all the way around the square skipping every other. 
  10. Once the pinwheel is dry flip it over.  
  11. Place a line of glue down the back and glue on a straw. 
  12. Repeat these steps to make more pinwheels. Change the sizes of the pinwheels by adjusting the size of the square you drew in step 2. 

Arrange your pinwheels in a cup or vase! 

We hope you enjoyed this Camp Craft Box project! Parents, share your child’s craft on the Camp Craft Box Facebook Group. Don’t forget to tag @crayola and @craftboxgirls and use the hashtag #CampCraftBox if you share your child's projects on social media. 




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