Playroom Table Makeover

by Lynn Lilly, Jan 02 2022

One of my passions is creating happy places for children and that includes my own girls! Last year I designed Lily's dream playroom and it is her happy place. She loves having a table in her room and we recently had to toss a broken one. She wanted a colorful table but they are so expensive. I decided to purchase a simple inexpensive white play table and a set of chair and give them a splash of color. For this project I partnered with Rust-Oleum to splash this white table with bright bold colors and it turned out perfectly! Lily absolutely loved it!

The best part was that with dry time this project was done in 4 hours (only 30 minutes of that was spraying). Even though it was dry to the touch in 4 hours I still recommend letting the table cure for 24 hours before the kiddos start to play with it. 

For this project I used the Rust-Oleum Imagine Spray Paint in Sky Blue and Azalea Pink but there is a variety of colors available. In addition to the spray paint you will need painters tape, a tarp and gloves, mask and eye shield. 

Kids Playroom Table Makeover

Before getting started make sure to read the safety instructions. 

Project Video:



  1. Read the safety instructions before getting started. 
  2. Using painters tape, tape a geometric pattern on the top of the table. 
  3. Shake the cans of spray paint very well before getting started. 
  4. In a well ventilated area or outside spray the top of the table holding the can about 8" from the project and spraying in sweeping motions. 
  5. While the table dries spray the chairs. You will need to let them dry and flip them over and spray the under side of the chairs. 
  6. My table and chairs needed a second coat. I waited about 30 minutes between coats. 
  7. After the last coat wait about 20 minutes before removing the tape. You want to remove the tape while the paint is still tacky. 

I recommend letting the table cure for 24 hours before letting your kiddo play on it. My daughter absolutely loves her new table and she has coined it as her dessert table in the kitchen. 

Kids Playroom Table Makeover

You can shop Rust-Oleum Imagine Spray Paints on Amazon and Walmart! 

xoxo- Lynn

This post is sponsored by Rust-Oleum but all thoughts and opinions are my own! 

DIY Kids Playroom Table Makeover  

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