Lynn's Ultimate Whimsical Dream Christmas Tree

by Lynn Lilly, Nov 07 2023

I am in full holiday fun mode at the studio and excited to share this years craft room sweet and crafty dream tree. Every year Michaels challenges makers to create a dream tree and this year I am sharing mine live on my weekly Michaels Facebook page along with a few do it yourself projects that helped me make this sweet tree.  

Michaels Dream Tree

Below I also listed links to all everything I used in this email so you can shop your favorites! 

Sugar Plum Christmas Tree Michaels Dream Tree


I loved all the holiday decorations so much I decked out the rest of the craft room with festive and colorful Christmas decorations! All the decorations and trees you see here are available. 

Colorful Christmas Decorations Lynn Lilly Craft Room

Fun and Colorful Craft Room Christmas Decorations

Colorful Christmas Decor

Christmas Santa Mailbox and Countdown

Whimsical Christmas Trees

I also included step by step instructions for each of three projects I shared! 

Project 1: Cupcake Ornaments
DIY Cupcake Ornament
DIY Cupcake Ornament
  1. Remove ornament top.
  2. Spray the inside with Elmers Spray Adhesive
  3. Pour glitter in ornaments. Place thumb over the opening and shake until the entire inside is covered.  Pour excess glitter back in glitter jar. 
  4. Let it dry for a few minutes and replace the top. 
  5. Place a few dots of hot glue in the bottom of the cupcake liner and glue the ornament into the liner. 
  6. Paint on the icing with puffy paint and let it dry. 
  7. Glue on a pom pom with a green pipe cleaner as the stem to the top of the ornament. 
  8. Once the puffy paint is dry cut small pieces of craft foam into sprinkles. Glue the sprinkles on. 
Project 2: Christmas Tree Collar:
Cricut Tree Collar
Tree Collar for Christmas Tree
  1. Create your design in design space, or use the image I featured. 
  2. Using your Cricut cut the design on the adhesive vinyl colors of your choice. 
  3. Weed and transfer design on the transfer tape. 
  4. Transfer design on tape to the tree collar. 
  5. Use a scraper to apply pressure and get the design to adhere. Remove the transfer tape leaving the design on the collar. 
  6. Decorate the top and the bottom of the collar with trim. 
  7. Hook the collar around the bottom of your tree. 
Project 3: Gingerbread Tree Topper
DIY Gingerbread Man Tree Topper
  1. Double up your ribbon and create loops, folding it back and forth and until you get your desired amount of loops. 
  2. Secure the center of the bow with a pipe cleaner. 
  3. Lay the gingerbread men picks across the cookie spatula and secure with glue. 
  4. Twist the bow on the handle of the spatula. 
  5. Add one more pipe cleaner around the handle of the spatula. You will use this one to secure the topper to the tree. 

Pink Christmas Tree

Unicorn Donut Christmas Tree Garland
Featured Tree Garland: 

This was one of my most fun Michaels projects to share live! I hope you guys loved it! 

xoxo- Lynn

This post is part of an ongoing partnership with Michaels Stores! 

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