DIY Coloring Pillowcase Party Craft

by Lynn Lilly, Oct 19 2022

Coloring is fun at any ages. It becomes even more fun when you create your own coloring design and get to color it! Why not making coloring even more fun at your kiddos next sleep over? Get each kiddo a pillowcase, break out the Tulip Fabric Markers and let the creative fun begin! 

DIY Coloring Pillowcase Party Craft



  1. Lay the pillow cases on a flat surface. Place a piece of scrap cardboard or poster board inside. 
  2. Start with the black Tulip Fabric Marker and doodle all  over the pillow case creating a coloring page design.  DIY Coloring Book PillowcaseDIY Coloring Book Pillowcase Crafts
  3. Once done color in the doodle you just created. DIY Coloring Pillowcase

DIY Color In Pillow Case Craft

Tulip's Fabric Markers are permanent and will withstand the washing machine so the design will last forever 

To make it more fun the kiddos could switch pillowcases and everyone can color on each others pillow case! 

Happy Crafting!

Lynn :) 

This post is sponsored by Tulip but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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