Paper Plate Igloo

by Lynn Lilly, Oct 07 2022

Today we are going to make a paper plate igloo and we're even going to add in a cute little penguin!

Project Name: Paper Plate Igloo

Project Difficulty: Intermediate

Project Materials:

  • 1 Paper plate
  • Googley eyes
  • Glue stick
  • Pencil
  • Glitter glue
  • Scissors
  • Yellow, white and black paper

Project Instructions:

  1. Take the paper plate and fold it in half. Crease that line so you know where the halfway mark is.
  2. Unfold and cut your paper plate in half along that halfway mark you just created.
  3. One piece is going to be the back and the other piece will be the front.
  4. Take one half and draw a half circle below the ridged lines of the plate and cut it out. Keep the center part.
  5. We need a door in our igloo so draw a small round door and cut out.
  6. Now, we need to make our accordion pieces to help create the 3D effect for our igloo.
  7. Take your extra part from the half circle of your paper plate, cut it in half so you have two pieces. Cut each piece in half and throw away the ridged part of the paper plate. You will have two pieces left.  
  8. Accordion fold each of the pieces you just cut. Start at the bottom and fold a section up, back, up again, all the way until we get to the end. When you open this up it looks like the inside of an accordion and act like a spring. Repeat with the second piece too.
  9. Take the front part (with the door) of your igloo and glue the accordion pieces to the back. One on each side.
  10. Now we are going to flip this over and glue to the front of our BACK (bigger) piece of our igloo. Smoosh it down to help the glue set.
  11. Now your two igloo pieces should be glued together with the accordion pieces in the middle and will stand on its own. 
  12. Take your silver glitter glue and draw some lines that look like ice cubes on both parts of your igloo. Set aside and let dry.
  13. Now we are going to make our penguin. Grab your construction paper and remember we only need a very small amount of each color. Black, white and yellow. 
  14. Take your black sheet and draw the body of your penguin. This almost looks like an upside down "U". Cut out.
  15. Now we need penguin wings. Take the body and set it back on your black paper. Draw what you want your penguin wings to look like coming out from the body. Cut out.
  16. Let's make our penguin belly. Set your body next to the white paper and draw a smaller upside down "U". Cut out.
  17. Draw a "U" and some zig zags up top to connect the U for your penguin feet. Make 2 of these and cut out.
  18. Cut out a small triangle for your penguin beak.
  19. Take your white belly and put some glue on the side with the pencil marks and glue to your penguin body.
  20. Glue on your penguin wings with just a little glue on each side.
  21. Glue your feet to the bottom of your penguin.
  22. You can draw your eyes on or you can use your googley eyes. If your eyes don't have any sticky back then use a little bit of glue.
  23. Glue on your beak.
  24. Take your penguin and stick your penguin onto your glitter glue.

If you are feeling really creative you can make a polar bear for your igloo! 

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