DIY Air Dry Clay Cactus Ring Holder

by Lynn Lilly, Jul 07 2022

We have been fans of Unicorn SPiT since it launched and we are so excited to share that brand new kits are now available at Michaels Stores. We will sharing our favorite projects in the coming weeks with each of the 4 new kits! 

DIY Air Dry Clay Cactus Ring Holder

Today we are using the "Desert Canyon" Collection Unicorn SPiT kit to create an air dry cactus the is perfects as a ring holder.  


  • Paint Brushes
  • Clay Tools


  1. Roll out a small ball of air dry clay and flatten it (you can use a clay roller, a rolling pin, or even a drinking glass). Then use a small round clay shape cutter, cookie cutter, or glass to cut out a circle of clay. This will be the base of the ring holder. Set aside and let dry for 24-48 hours. 
  2. Roll a medium-sized ball of clay into an elongated tube shape to create the trunk of the cactus. Then roll out two smaller balls of clay into 2 small elongated tubes for the arms of the cactus. These arms are what will hold rings so make sure they are thin enough for rings to slide over. 
  3. Attach smaller arms to the trunk of the cactus. Work the clay from the trunk and the arms together by pinching and smoothing the clay together until the pieces are joined. You can use clay tools to smooth it out. Lay the cactus flat and allow clay to dry for 24-48 hours. 
  4. Once clay is dry, paint the base of the ring holder using Athena Copper Metallic Unicorn SPiT. Use 2 coats on the base, allowing Unicorn SPiT to dry between coats. 
  5. Paint the cactus with Navajo Jewel Unicorn SPiT. Use 2 coats on the cactus, allowing Unicorn SPiT to dry between coats. 
  6. Once the Unicorn SPiT on the cactus is dry, use Midnight’s Blackness Unicorn SPiT to add thin lines to mimic the look of spines on the cactus. Allow the Unicorn SPiT to dry.
  7. Use a non-water-based clear coat sealer spray to seal the painted sign and letters and allow them to dry.
  8. Once the cactus and base are dry, use E6000 adhesive to attach the cactus to the base. Allow adhesive to dry before hanging rings on the holder.
  9. Display your jewelry on your new cactus ring holder!

DIY Air Dry Clay Cactus Ring Holder

This cute ring holder will keep your rings safe and sound, whether on a dresser or next to your sink. You can purchase the new Desert Canyon Collection Unicorn SPiT kit along with the other new kits at your local Michaels Store. 

Happy Crafting! 

This post is sponsored by Eclectic but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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