DIY Outdoor Storage Ottomon

by Lynn Lilly, May 30 2018

I am in full blown Summer cleaning, designing, and entertaining mode. My screened in porch and deck are two of my favorite places in my home to relax and entertain and I am determined to get them refreshed over the next few weeks. I started my refresh by flipping my old deck table and I am loving the bright pop of color! I also made no-sew weatherproof pillows out of outdoor tablecloth for my deck table and screened-in porch and planter from a wooden box and rubber doormat! My husband is semi-anti-color so I am throwing in pops of color here and there to ease him into my love of bright bold colors. Outdoor storage has always been a big struggle and great looking outdoor storage containers can be pricey so I decided to create my own and did it for under $30. You might even have most of the supplies sitting in your garage! 


  • 5 Gallon Home Depot Bucket & Lid
  • 150 feet of 3/8 inch (98-108lb) twisted sisal rope
  • Industrial Outdoor Glue
  • Scissors
  • Unicorn SPiT Zea Teal Gel Stain and Brush


  1. Remove the lid from the bucket and set aside.
  2. Starting at the bottom of the bucket and glue the end of the rope along the bottom edge.
  3. Start wrapping the rope around and up the bucket, securing with glue as you go.                                                                        
  4. Make sure you stop wrapping when you get to the top where the lid will fit on the bucket. Secure the end of the rope with glue.  
  5. Glue and wrap the rope around the lid, spiraling inward until the entire lid is covered.               
  6. Apply Unicorn SPiT Gel Stain with a brush to the bottom portion of the bucket to add a pop of color. Enjoy the amazing lavender scent of Unicorn SPiT while you paint!                                                                                            

TADA! Pop on the lid and you have the perfect weatherproof bucket to store toys, shoes and other outdoor trinkets! 

xoxo- LL

DIY Outdoor Rope Storage Bucket

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