How to Upcycle a Garden Table into an Outdoor Bar

by Lynn Lilly, Aug 24 2018

My fellow moms know how crazy life can be with a baby, working full time and trying to stay on top of your home projects. I was so excited to partner with Wagner SprayTech to help me jump start my post-baby home do it yourself projects! My first two projects were so fun and easy! If you missed them check out my out how I flipped my old deck table and chairs into a colorful like new dining set and my front porch makeover that only took a few hours! 

Deck Table Makeover

DIY Front Porch Makeover

For this project, I am turning an oldie into a goodie! I bought an outdoor garden table last year with the aspiration to create this beautiful potted plant garden. That clearly did not happen with only one plant on the table, it ended up just sitting around collecting dirt and dust. As Lily is getting older we are finding it easier to entertain at home and I thought this guy could use a little refresh and turn into an outdoor bar! With the help of my Wagner FLEXiO 4000 I flipped this old garden table into a colorful bar just in time for our Labor Day picnic. 

Sad table.....

 Upcycle a Garden Table to an Outdoor Bar 


    • Wagner FLEXiO 4000
    • Wagner Studio Spray Tent
    • Outdoor Latex Paint & Primer in One (White and Turquoise)
    • Gloves/Mask (optional)
    • 2 Wooden Dowels
    • Screw Hooks
    • Wine Racks (Screws or Industrial Glue)

Project Time: 5 Hours

Check out everything that comes with the FLEXiO 4000

 Wagner SprayTech FLEXIO 4000


    1. Wipe dirt and grime off the table. I recommend using denatured alcohol because it does not wet the wood wet like water. If you use water to wipe it down, wait until the wood is completely dry. 
    2. Next, I unscrewed the lattice piece from the back of the table because I wanted to paint it a contrasting color.
    3. If you are using the Studio Spray Tent set it up now and make sure to weight down or stake into the ground if you are on grass. If you are not using the tent cover your area with tarps. Wagner Spray Tent
    4. Unbox the FLEXiO 4000 and read all instructions for assembly before getting started.  
    5. Mix the paint and fill the material container with paint. 
    6. Once the FLEXiO 4000 is assembled, practice spraying to get the hang of the flow and motions. A practice sheet is included. I used this for a previous project. Even though I have the hang of how to use the sprayer I always practice on a box or scrap sheet to ensure the paint is flowing and I have the motions correct.         
    7. For coating, large surfaces use a high air power and material flow. 
    8. Make sure you have the air cap ears vertical when you are spraying up and down and horizontal when spraying side to side.   
    9. Hold the sprayer about 6-8 inches from the project. I started by spraying the table and while that dried in the tent I sprayed the lattice and two dowels.                                                                             DIY Outdoor Bar Project  
    10. The type of paint and project surface will determine the number of coats you need to use. I did one full coat on the table and came back and touched up areas I missed. The lattice and dowels took one coat on each side.  
    11. If you do need to do multiple coats wait about 4 hours in between. You never want to layer wet paint.
    12. Once the project is complete, make sure that you follow the instructions to properly clean the nozzle(s), filters and air valve tube which is a quick process.
    13. When the table is dry screw the lattice back on.
    14. Screw two screw hooks on each side of the table to hold the dowels.  
    15. Attach the wine racks under the table. If the table top is too thin like mine, use industrial glue instead of screws to attach and let it completely dry before using.  
    16. Deck out the bar with your favorite beverages! 


I'm so excited to show off my new bar and create a DIY Drink Station for our Labor Day Picnic!

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xoxo- LL 

This is a sponsored post with Wagner SprayTech but all project ideas, imagesand opinions are my own! 

DIY Outdoor Bar

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