DIY Beach Fashion

by Lynn Lilly, Mar 06 2023

Is anyone else craving vacay as bad as me? We are headed to 30A in June for a family vacay and I can't wait for Lily to experience the ocean. I am so excited that I am starting to prep early! Yesterday on Atlanta & Company I shared my favorite vacay fashion DIYs. Watch the segment below and then scroll down for more photos and tips! If you are wondering where to get all the straw accessories, I bought all of these at Michaels. Links: Straw Hat, Straw Bag, Straw Clutch

DIY Beach Fashion

Sun Kissed Beach Hat:

Tips: Use a charcoal pencil or thin marker to write our your message. Lay the sequin along the letter and then glue using hot glue or fabric glue. 

DIY Straw Beach Hat

Llama Straw Tote Bag: 

Cut a piece of fabric and glue to the tote along the top and bottom edges. I did an overlapping fold on the sides to allow it to lay flat around the bag. Cover the edges of the fabric with trim. 

DIY Beach Tote

DIY Llama Tote

Color Block Straw Tote: 

Use acrylic paint to paint the bottom half of the tote. Add tassel trim to the top edge of the paint. The trim helps hide uneven paint lines. 

DIY Straw Beach Tote

DIY Beach Tote

Pom Pom Straw Clutch:

Glue cord along ever other ridge. Open the top flap and glue a piece of pom pom trim the entire length of the trim. 

DIY Straw Clutch

DIY Straw Beach Clutch

DIY Beach Clutch

Frilly Straw Clutch:

Glue a piece of frilly trim around the clutch, leaving a space for the snap to clasp. Add pre-made tassels and a pom pom! 

DIY Straw Clutch

DIY Straw Beach Tote

The countdown is on! Stay tuned for more DIYs to get ready for vacation! 

xoxo- LL

DIY Straw Hat

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