Wagner Design Challenge

by Lynn Lilly, Oct 23 2018

Last week I hopped on a plane and landed in Minnesota at Wagner Spray Tech's HQ for the ultimate design challenge. I have worked with Wagner over the last few months on some of my post-baby home projects including a deck table flip, front porch makeover, and an outdoor bar. I was honored to receive an invitation to their annual InSraytional challenge. 

That day might be one of the hardest but most rewarding things I have done in my creative career.  I was among 8 other extremely creative, kind and amazing women. We were each given a nook, furniture, access to hand me down decor, Wagner Sprayers and Tools and had to pick paint two colors out of a hat. We had 6 hours to design the space. With my assigned two colors (Bronze Eucalyptus & Blackberry)  that were not my style, I was truly pushed to a new creative limit. Thank god for being able to use white, black and metallics. The walls, furniture, hanging pieces, accent decor, table runner and the floor were all painted using Wagner Spray Guns and PPG Paint. There was sweat, anxiety, laughs and such a sense of accomplishment! Plus so many new friendships made! I wanted to share a few behind the scenes photos and of course the finished glamour shots!

Now I need your help.... Wagner is asking for viewers to vote for their favorite room! I am room Number #6 and it only takes a second to vote! Click here to VOTE - Thank you for all your help and support! 

This is the blank slate we had to work with.....

In between all the sweat and anxiety..... 

Wagner Design Challenge

I got really busy and stressed halfway through when I decided to spray a stencil on the wall with Metallic paint. Even though I was pressed for time, I am so happy I did the stencil, I feel like it is the wow factor! This was the first time I ever stenciled an entire wall.

Here is the big reveal...... 

Stenciled Wall

Wagner Design Challenge

Wagner Design Challenge

Not only was this even amazing because it challenged my creativity but I also got to make 9 new amazing friends! 
Don't forget to vote HERE!!! Thank you! Thank you! 
This post is not paid for but Wagner did pay for my transportation and accommodations for this experience! 

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